Woman hit by runaway tyre on the motorway

Video: Woman knocked down by a large tyre rolling down the motorway

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Picture the scene: you've been driving along a dull, seemingly endless motorway for hours and you decide to pullover and stretch your legs.

Then, as you gaze out into the field by the side of the road, you are wiped clean off your feet by...a runaway tyre?

In one of the more bizarre videos to emerge from China, footage shows the moment a female driver resting on the hard shoulder was injured after being hit by a large tyre that had come loose from a truck.

The video shows the woman stretching by the side of the road as the tyre comes into view, hitting the woman on her side and sending her flying over the barrier in front of her. Her door is almost knocked off its hinges by the rogue tyre.

The tyre came loose from a semi trailer on a motorway in Yiwu city on Tuesday just after 10am.

The woman is currently resting in hospital after being diagnosed with three fractures. However, police said that both the woman and the truck driver had to take responsibility for the accident.

They said that some parts of truck were not in conformity with the technical standards, while the woman's car was illegally parked on the hard shoulder.