At least two dead as 'Ride the Ducks’ vehicle involved on Seattle's Aurora Bridge

A further nine people have been injured

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At least two people were killed and nine other seriously injured in a collision between a bus and a ‘Ride the Ducks’ vehicle on the Aurora Bridge in Seattle.

The crash, that occurred around 11.15am, blocked all northbound and southbound lanes of the SR 99 Bridge.

Tourists on-board the ‘Ride the Ducks’ vehicle could been seen crawling out of the wreckage, and a triage centre was set up near the scene. The extent  of all the injuries was not immediately known.

Seattle Fire said at least 50 people were evaluated from the two vehicles involved in the crash. It is unclear what may have caused the crash.

Jesse Christenson, 32, of Portland, also witnessed the crash.

“The Duck boat was 100 yards in front of me, the first car in front of me. What I saw was the Duck Boat had its blinker on, trying to get in the left lane,” he told the Seattle Times.

“Then all of a sudden the Duck boat turned sharper into the left. I initially thought it was a blow out. The duck boat then hit another car with a roof rack then went head on into the into oncoming tour bus.”

Ride The Ducks is a popular tourist attraction in Seattle that started in 1997. The company owns at least 20 amphibious vehicles. In July, a ‘Ride the Ducks vehicle hit a pedestrian.