Amazing escape for baby that fell under train

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A baby had a miraculous escape when his pushchair rolled off a station platform and under a train.

Extraordinary CCTV footage was released today of the youngster's brush with death in Melbourne, Australia.

It shows the boy's mother momentarily letting go of the buggy, which then rolls off the platform and on to the track - just as a train pulls into the platform.

The driver used the emergency brakes but the pushchair was still dragged about 60 yards along the rails.

When it stopped, a member of the public jumped on to the tracks and grabbed the little boy.

Police said he had "superficial injuries to his head" but was otherwise unscathed.

He was taken to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne yesterday afternoon and was discharged later in the day.

Sergeant Michael Ferwerda of Victoria Police said: "It was a lucky escape and a chance for commuters to think about heeding warnings to be more careful around platforms."