Ashley Madison hack: Australian radio station tells woman live on air that her husband has an account on infidelity site

The radio host later admitted regretting the public humiliation, telling listeners 'I don't know if we should have done that'

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An Australian radio station has revealed to a woman live on air that her husband is a member of the Ashley Madison adultery website.

The woman had phoned the NOVA show after the radio presenters revealed that they had access to the hacked database of people who had joined the website for people seeking extra marital affairs.

Giving the caller the alias of ‘Jo’, the DJs entered the woman’s husband’s details into their system to find out whether her husband was registered.

“We’re putting him in right now and his details have revealed that he’s actually on the website Jo.”

The shocked woman responded: “Are you freaking kidding me.”

She added: “These websites are disgusting”, before abruptly hanging up.

The radio hosts immediately said they regretted the public humiliation, telling listeners: “I don’t know if we should have done that. This hasn’t left me with a good feeling. What a horrible situation to be in.”

He added: "I'm sorry that happened, Jo. I feel a bit bad."

The details of more than 32 million members of the site have been revealed by hackers. Of these, some 1.2 million people are believed to be British. Amongst those whose email addresses were found to be registered was married SNP MP Michelle Thompson. She denies using the website and says her email address was “harvested by hackers.”