Australian ‘cross-dressing’ thief filmed carrying out armed robbery on Victoria service station

The thief was captured wearing a blonde wig, black dress and carrying a 'fake' gun when she entered the service station in Victoria

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Police in Australia are investigating an incident that saw an armed robbery carried out in a Victoria service station by a male suspect who appeared to be dressed as a woman.

In CCTV released by Victoria police on Monday evening, a cross-dressing thief wearing a blonde wig, a peeked hat, sunglasses and a black dress is seen entering the station in Watervale before walking towards the drinks fridge.

After looking around the shop for a few seconds, the thief walks calmly over to the cashier’s desk and proceeds to pull out what appears to be a replica machine gun and point it at the female worker behind the till. According to police, the thief demanded money and threatened the shop worker.

The footage then captures the cashier handing over a wad of cash as other shoppers begin to queue, seemingly unaware that a robbery is taking place in front of them.

Police say after being handed the money, the thief placed the cash and the firearm into a black handbag and walked out of the shop.

The CCTV footage and images of the cross-dressing robber have been released by Victoria Police as they appeal to the public for any information.

This is the second time in recent months that a cross-dressing thief has been filmed stealing from a store in Australia. In February, a man wearing a blonde wig, pink shawl and fishnet stockings entered a McDonald’s in Melbourne and it is alleged that he threatened to blow the restaurant up if he was not given cash.