Australian rugby player Ben Ross snaps his arm live on air during an arm wrestle with Wendell Sailor

The graphic video shows Ben Ross's arm breaking with a sickeningly loud snap

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A former professional Australian rugby league player broke his arm live on television during an arm wrestle.

Ben Ross, former National Rugby League player, arm wrestled with another former player Wendell Sailor, on Channel Nine's Footy Show on Wednesday night.

A video of the wrestle shows the two men, both very muscular, gearing up to arm wrestle in front of a cheering crowd.

Watch the video of the incident below (Warning - footage contains graphic material):

As the bout begins, the two men begin pushing with all their might. Seemingly evenly matched, both keep straining - until Ross's arm suddenly breaks with a sickeningly loud pop.

Ross begins shouting in pain and the crowd fall silent, with host Paul Vautin going to an advert break as others call out for medical attention. A subsequent X-ray of Ross's arm showed that he had broken his humerus, the upper bone in the arm.

Despite the shocking injury, Ross was in high spirits afterwards - tweeting a picture of bookmaker's odds that showed Sailor was the favourite to win, and writing: "Told you @RealBigDell was favourite!"

Sailor was visibly shocked after breaking Ross's arm, and later wrote a message of support to him on Twitter, apologising and saying that he felt "so bad".

Ross commented on Sailor's concern from his hospital bed, telling local reporters that Wendell, a black Torres Strait islander, had almost "turned white" from the shock.

However, Ross was gracious in defeat, telling Sailor that it "wasn't anyone's fault", and praising the Footy Show team for their help after his injury.

Ross thanked his fans for their messages of support and concern.

Despite breaking his neck during a 2009 match when he played for the Cronulla Sharks, Ross said that his on-air arm break was "probably" the most painful injury he had ever had.

However, a post on the Footy Show's Facebook page said that Ross is already calling for a left-handed rematch once he recovers.