Canoe club rescues dolphins after they become stuck in shallow lake near Perth - video

It took the rescuers more than three hours to catch the dolphins trapped in the deep water

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Two dolphins were dramatically rescued after they became stuck in a shallow lake in Western Australia.

Wildlife officers and members of a local canoe club were enlisted to help to catch and then transport the dolphins back to deeper waters after they had become trapped when chasing fish up a river and into the Mandurah Lake 70 km south of Perth.

According to Department of Parks and Wildlife, they were brought in to rescue the dolphins after reports came in saying that they had the two animals had been spotted swimming in the lake for for a period of three days. It took rescuers over three hours to catch the dolphins and 10 people to lift the dolphins onto a trailer so that they could be transported to the deeper waters of the nearby Serpentine River.

"Both dolphins were healthy but a bit tired after several days of being in the lake, which had become too shallow for them to navigate back to deeper water," said Marine Park coordinator Melissa Evans.

"They're really heavy, the ones we had were about 2.5 metres long and we estimate up to about 300 kilograms.

"It was a pretty concerted effort from everybody involved."