'Cheriegate' crook held in another slimming scam


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Peter Foster, the Australian conman who helped Cherie Blair to buy two cut-price flats in Bristol, has been arrested over his alleged role in yet another bogus weight-loss product.

Foster, who has served jail terms for peddling dubious diet aids, was detained in Queensland at the hospital bedside of his mother, Louise, who suffered a stroke this week. Before being led away by police, the 49-year-old, pictured, hugged his mother while reportedly stuffing his mobile phone under her pillow. It was later recovered by police. Yesterday's arrest followed legal action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission over an oral spray, SensaSlim, marketed as an appetite suppressant.

Foster, left, three other executives and their company, SensaSlim Australia, are accused of "misleading and deceptive conduct", including falsely claiming that the spray had been subjected to a large worldwide clinical trial.

The "Cheriegate" scandal resulted in a public apology in 2002 by the then-PM's wife.