Cyclist survives serious injury after handlebar flip

Video: A piece of metal on the road sends a man and his bike flying through the air

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Blink and you'll miss it.

Video from down under shows the terrifying moment a cyclist travelling at over 50 kilometres an hour hit a piece of metal on the road, suddenly throwing him and his bike up into the air with frightening speed.

In the video, the cyclist is speeding along a road with other cyclists when a piece of metal jams in his spokes, forcing him to flip forwards and catapulting his bike up into the air, sending it crashing down in a heap. The cyclist lands on his back and several cyclists manage to veer out of his way to ensure they don't run into him from behind.

Unlike many a Tour de France scene, none of the other cyclists are sent tumbling and reports also state that the cyclist in question avoided any serious injury after the crash.

The crash occurred near Byron Bay in the far northeastern corner of New South Wales. Byron Bay is well known for being the eastern most point of mainland Australia.