Diver dredges up lost wallet

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A British backpacker who lost his wallet while he was swimming off the coast of Australia was astounded after a diver found it resting 30ft below the surface on the Great Barrier Reef.

Daniel McShee, 25, was unaware he had lost the wallet, containing credit cards and cash, until he tried to buy a round of drinks at his hostel in Cairns.

He then realised it had fallen out of his swimming shorts during a boat trip to the 1,250-mile long reef off Australia's east coast.

After searching for two days, Mr McShee, from St Breward, near Bodmin, Cornwall, wrote off the loss only to be confronted by an scuba diver who found it.

His father, Paddy McShee, speaking from Cornwall, said : "Two days after the boat trip, he said he was sitting down to dinner at the hostel when the manager came in and said, 'Is Dan McShee here?' and 'Have you lost your wallet?'."

"He was with a diver who said he found the wallet."

Mr McShee is continuing his holiday and is currently in Cambodia - due to return home on 9 April.