Dutch tourist kidnapped in Australia, raped and beaten in six-week ordeal

Police visited the room where the woman was being held twice, but no alarm was raised

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An Australian man has blamed a drug addiction for his repeated rape of a Dutch woman during a six week period where she was held in captivity and subjected to repeated violent sexual assaults.

The 21-year-old, who cannot be named, was held hostage in a Melbourne hotel room by Alfio Anthony Granata, 47, and repeatedly beaten unconscious, raped, and cut with a knife, according to ABC.

Victoria's state court heard she was told if she moved, spoke or complained she would be beaten, Sky News reported.

Police visited the room where the woman was being held twice, but the alarm was not raised. On one occasion she told officers there had been a fight.

On a second visit, Granata spoke with police in the corridor while she was ordered to stay in the room.

She was finally rescued by paramedics on Christmas Day, 2012, after she stabbed Granata while he slept before attempting to take her own life.

In a recorded victim impact statement the woman said she could not believe she had survived. She told Granata her scars reminded her every day of what a “sick person he is”.

A representative for Granata blamed his client’s “copious” use of crystal meth for his offences.

Granata will be sentenced at a later date.