Former Australian PM Julia Gillard featured in WWE meme

The reaction of one Australian newspaper shows a continued lack of respect for their former leader

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Just a few days after the publication of Julia Gillard's autobiography, in which she outlines the sexism she faced while prime minister of Australia, an internet video mocking a fall by Gillard has been dubbed "hilarious" and "priceless" by an Australian paper.

Despite a prime ministerial tenure cut short after just three years, Gillard made her mark on the global stage with an impassioned speech attacking the relentless sexism of Australian politics in 2012.

Still, the former Prime Minister was eventually ousted by her Labor party rival, Kevin Rudd, who himself was beaten by Tony Abbott, a leader who was caught winking to a radio presenter about a poverty-stricken grandmother who worked on sex line to make ends meet.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that a fake video showing a WWE wrestler named Randy Orton dragging Julia Gillard to the ground has been described as “hilarious” by the conservative paper, The Daily Telegraph.

The video, created by YouTube user Steveozzi, utilises an old video of Gillard tripping over on a trip to India. As Gillard trips, the video shows wrestler Randy Orton appearing to use his trademark move on Gillard called the RKO.

The RKO is when Orton grabs an opponent by the head and slams their face down into the ground.

The Daily Telegraph wrote, "The former Prime Minister was a perfect candidate given the unfortunate nature of her fall during a trip to India in 2012. We’re sure you’ll agree the result is priceless."

In her recent memoir, My Story, Gillard described the Australian media as a “bastion for males” and The Daily Telegraph's delighted reaction at the violent video verifies Gillard's attacks on how she was portrayed and criticised during her time in office.

The undeniably misogynistic campaign waged against Gillard by columnists, bloggers and opposition politicians was criticised recently by Hillary Clinton, who condemned the “outrageous sexism” faced by the former Australian leader.