Kangaroo survives after being shot in head with an arrow

After having an arrow lodged in its head, a kangaroo has been successfully treated in Queensland, Australia

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In the past week, a rescue team has been working with the RSPCA to treat a kangaroo shot in the head with an arrow. The kangaroo survived for four days before it was rescued and taken to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

The kangaroo underwent surgery to remove the arrow, which narrowly missed her brain and skull bone. After closer examination, a joey (baby) was found in her pouch. Both were released back into the wild after the operation.

Thankfully, there is better news coming out of Australia this week on kangaroos. On Thursday, scientists announced that kangaroos display a natural preference for using their left hand for feeding, grooming and other activities. This challenges the notion that strong hand preference is only a trait developed in people and not animals.