Man charged with attempted murder after stealing bulldozer to flatten cars and demolish a house

An Australian man has been charged with attempted murder after bulldozer rampage

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A man has been charged with attempted murder in Australia after allegedly stealing a bulldozer and driving it through a house.

Police were called to a home in Teralba, 90 miles north of Sydney, on Monday after a 48-year-old man crushed four cars.

Reports suggest that a detached garage where a middle-aged man was sleeping was next on the war path. But, the driver changed his mind and demolished through a nearby house, reducing it to rubble - shown by the footage above.

A family of three occupied the house - all managed to escape without injury.

Police smashed through a window of the bulldozer and pepper-sprayed the driver in order to stop further damage. New South Wales police have said in a statement that “the 48-year-old man is known to the family”, but a motive is not yet known.