'Mean Tweets' video shows female Australian TV stars recite shocking tweets from trolls, including rape and death threats

The comments quickly escalate to reveal the type of comments the women say they face on a daily basis

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Popular female Australian television personalities have declared war on social media trolls, in a video that reveals the shocking tweets they receive - including threats of rape and murder. 

The video by women’s website Mamamia follows the format of the popular 'Mean Tweets' segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where celebrities recite particularly scathing insults social media users aim at them.

However, this version cleverly reveals how viewers feel entitled to comment on the women behind a veil of anonymity, as seemingly playful comments quickly escalate to rape and deaths threats. One woman featured has since complained that Twitter is not doing enough to stop such messages.

“Poor bogan Sam is as useless as a one legged cat trying to bury a turn on a frozen lake,” The Bachelor reality TV Sam Frost says, as she reads one of the tamest tweets.

“Someone else pls dress Lisa she has terrible frumpy taste & those block line colours AGHHHH!” says one tweet to Nine Network presenter Lisa Wilkinson.

But the messages soon become darker and more intimate.

“You obviously don’t shave your bush cause it’s hidden under your massive gut,” reads a tweet to writer Rosie Waterland.

“Shut up Mia Freedman or else I’ll shut you up with my fist,” the editorial director of the Mamamia website recites in the video.

Writer Rosie Waterland recites a tweet she was sent. (YouTbe/Mamamia)

Tracey Spicer reads out a death threat she received on Twitter (YouTube/Mamamia)

Anchor Tracey Spicer, pictured in her car, calmly recites a tweet saying: “You’re not a good person  & the world would be a better place if you were dead,” followed by “I hope your children are raped and killed, you silly c**t”.

“Yeah, we’re not laughing anymore either,” the video declares to likely shocked viewers.

Studio 10 host Sarah Harris, who also features in the video, told her program after the video was released that she received a “disgusting tweet” from a man threatening to rape and murder her.

But she added that when she complained to Twitter, it responded by saying that the message does not breach their guidelines.

“I don't feel that he would follow through, but that's not okay. You shouldn't be able to post that crap online,” she said.

Mamamia editor Kate Leaver, who commissioned the video told Daily Mail Australia that many people are likely unaware that these women are being verbally abused on a daily basis.

“I just want as many people as possible to understand why this kind of abuse - rape threats, sexually charged threats, death threats - happens,” she said.

“That type of language is what creates a society where violence against women is acceptable,” adding that she hopes the video will start a debate on why such comments are sent rather than merely how to stop them.

A Twitter spokesperson said: "We review all reported content against our rules, which prohibit direct, specific threats of violence against others. We do not comment on individual accounts, for privacy and security reasons."