Malaysian Flight MH370: Black holes, aliens and trips to the Moon - online theories


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In the absence of evidence, explanation or understanding, a vacuum has been created.

That vacuum is increasingly being filled with feverish speculation. Rupert Murdoch declared on Twitter that the plane had most likely been hijacked and is now hiding where the US and China cannot find it – northern Pakistan, “like Bin Laden”.

One “technology expert” told the Sunday Express it could have been hijacked using a mobile phone to hack into the plane’s computers.

Other common theories on the internet include: North Korea hijacked it; North Korea shot it down; the US shot it down, because it realised that it was carrying secret technology to China. Then there are black holes, aliens and trips to the Moon.

Because some of the passengers worked for Texas technology firm Freescale Semiconductor, a poster on the “citizens’ news site” Before It’s News suggested the plane was being used to test cloaking technology.