Pupils evacuated from school after girl took WWII grenade into class for show-and-tell thinking it was a money box

Device thought to have been a World War Two "pineapple" type grenade

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A school in Newcastle, Australia, was evacuated after a young girl took a hand grenade into class to show fellow pupils.

Students at the Hunter Christian School in Newcastle, New South Wales, were evacuated and taken to a nearby park after the girl brought the device into a show-and-tell lesson.

According to reports she believed the grenade was a money box. It is, in fact, thought to have been a World War Two "pineapple" type grenade.

Classes at the school were cancelled, and pupils were sent home as a precaution.

School Principle Boyd Allen said: "One of our students brought innocently to school what she thought was a money box.

"She showed it to the teacher... and the teacher has been understandably alarmed because it just didn't look like a money box... it actually looked like a grenade.

"He's admittedly been concerned and contacted our head of primary and the two of them consequently arrived in my office with it in hand."

Despite the panic, local media have reported that the device was inactive.

The pupils were sent home for the rest of the day.