Qantas passenger tweets emergency landing: 'Always interesting when you see cabin crew running'

Nigel Richardson posted account of the landing on his Twitter feed

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A Qantas passenger tweeted his experience of being on a flight that was forced to make an emergency landing, after the QF2 flight he was travelling on experienced a fault with the cabin air system.

The plane was forced to divert and request a priority landing at Perth, while making a rapid descent in the space of about five minutes to “maintain the conditions of the cabin”.

Nigel Richardson, who was on Sunday’s flight travelling from Dubai to Sydney, gave a blow by blow account of the landing. 

He posted pictures of passengers acting calmly on board, listening to music and reading Kindles, while describing the actions of the cabin crew and one of the pilots, who walked up and down the aircraft explaining why it was diverting to Perth.

Qantas said in a statement that a fault in the aircraft’s cabin system caused the plane to divert about an hour from Perth, and that to maintain the conditions of the cabin, the captain had to make a controlled descent from 39,000 to 10,000.

The aircraft, which landed safety, is under inspection by engineers, while the passengers were given overnight accommodation and rebooked onto new flights after landing at Perth around 1:18 am.