Sydney shootings: Gunman found dead after shooting three men at industrial park

One man has died and two have been taken to hospital for treatment

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A gunman who killed one person at a sign-making business in western Sydney has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

On Monday morning, police from New South Wales responded to reports of a shooting at the Inline National Signage factory in Ingleburn.

Police found three men with gunshot wounds upon arrival. A 43-year-old man died at the scene and the two others were taken to Liverpool Hospital for treatment. 

A stand-off between the police and the gunman then ensued for around six hours. Three people had been inside the building for the duration of the stand-off but they emerged on Monday afternoon unharmed. The gunman was found dead inside the building.

The incident on Monday brought the whole area in Ingleburn to a standstill.

After arriving at the industrial site, heavily armed officers surrounded the sign-making building and closed off nearby roads.

During the stand-off, Detective Inspector Mark Brett told a news conference that the operation was at a “delicate stage”.

He added that “tactical operations unit negotiators” were working at the scene.

A man, who was not the gunman, was arrested for allegedly hindering the operation. 

At around 5pm, police entered the building and found the 33-year-old gunman with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, said Detective Inspector Brett.

He added that he had been using a “long-arm weapon”.

Officers then exited the building with the three people. It was not clear whether they had been held hostage by the gunman or whether they had been hiding.

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