'This is going straight on Facebook': Teenager hands herself in after film shows her assaulting a 12-year-old

Video: The 14-year-old attacker apologised and is expected to be charged by police

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Shocking video from Australia shows the moment a teenager viciously assaulted a 12-year-old schoolgirl in a shopping centre, as dozens of people looked on without attempting to stop the attack.

The video shows a blue-haired girl punching 12-year-old Angel Bardsley in the head, pushing her up against a pillar and continuously hitting her in the head and neck. She then swings Bardsley by her hair onto the ground before delivering a few more punches and kicks.

The person filming the assault calls on Bardsley to fight back, but the 12-year-old refuses to retaliate or to say anything back to the attacker.

"How many times has she hit you? Just hit her!" the girl filming cries, while another brags about how the video was going "straight on Facebook" and "the Lad Bible". Bardsley eventually walks away from the ordeal.

The incident reportedly took place at 2:30pm on Sunday at a Geelong shopping mall just outside of Melbourne.

Bardsley spoke to 9NEWS and said she was too afraid to defend herself. She was attacked by the girl after she had rushed to the defence of a friend who had been the subject of abuse from the blue-haired girl. Her mother, Sharron, said she couldn't believe what had happened and was incredibly angry and upset by the attack.

Bardsley said she was particularly annoyed at the fact that at least a dozen people walking past and some shopkeepers who were watching did not rush to her defence. Instead, once the assault had ended, a woman approached Bardsley to ask whether she was okay and gave her a AUD$10 note.

9NEWS reported that the 14-year-old attacker had handed herself into police and told the television station, "I’m sorry for what I did and I know that it's wrong and that two wrongs don't make a right."

Police are now expected to charge the teenager.