Video: Beached dolphin is rescued after becoming stranded on Sydney beach

A jogger discovered the dolphin in trouble while on a run on Monday morning

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He might have been expecting a quiet run by the sea, but one Australian jogger got a different kind of workout, when he helped rescue a stranded dolphin on a beach in New South Wales.

The jogger discovered the Dolphin struggling in the shallows on Monday morning and after enlisting the help of others on North Curl Curl Beach just outside of Sydney, the men were able to carry the dolphin out of danger.

It took the five men just under an hour to carry the dolphin into deep enough water so that it could eventually swim away.

“It was amazing, absolutely amazing,” said local photographer Shane Arrold, who was one of the first people on the scene.

Speaking to Australian news programme Channel 7 News, he said: “Every time a wave came, we got him an extra inch further, and then another inch further and then further and further.” After carrying the stranded dolphin for 45 minutes, it then began to move and the men were able to let go of the dolphin so that it could swim away.

Risso’s dolphins usually travel in pods in deep water and scientists say it is very unusual for the species to beach themselves like this.

Libby Eyre from the Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney, said that they were still trying to work out why the dolphin was alone and in trouble in the shallow waters.

She said: “We don’t know why it has come ashore, it could be sick or injured or some other reason.”

Those at the Sea Life Aquarium also said that the fact that the Dolphin had beached itself once; there was a possibility that it could happen again.