Video: Watch horror on driver's face after incredible near miss on Australian highway

The car was sent spinning uncontrollably across the highway after a lorry nudged the back of the vehicle

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Incredible footage has been released that captures the moment when one lucky driver was sent spinning across a busy Australian highway and amazingly survived.

In the video filmed on the dash cam of a fellow driver, the horror in the driver’s face is captured as he loses control and skids across all three lanes, passing just inches in front of an oncoming car.

According to reports, the driver of the car was driving at 70 mph down the M1 near Gosford, New South Wales, when a lorry attempting to change lanes clipped the back of the vehicle and sent it spinning uncontrollably across the road.

The video then shows the car slide in front of the lorry, before spinning just metres away from the oncoming car and into the barrier at the side of the road. So near was the miss that the footage caught the exact expression of shock on the vehicle owner’s face as he struggled to regain control of his car.

Local press reported that both drivers were shaken by the incident but amazingly no one was injured.

The incident took place on 2 July but has received popularity since being uploaded onto the Youtube channel Dash Cam Owners Australia on Saturday.

In just four days, over 50,000 people have viewed the video.





So popular has the video become that internet users have even created their own memes based around it.