Video: Watch over 35,000 bulbs used in incredible Christmas light show

The show took a total of 14 people to set up the 35,000 bulbs required to light the show

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For most people putting up the Christmas lights involves purchasing a set from a local pound shop, plugging them in, and then spending the whole of Christmas annoyed at how none of them seem to work.

Well, that is not the case for one group of Christmas light enthusiasts in the US, who have created one of the most elaborate Christmas light displays seen so far this year.

The video uploaded by Florida-based group Light Up Florida, shows a light show that took 14 people to set up and sequence the 35,000 bulbs required to light the outside of the house in St Petersburg, Florida.

A combination of fluorescent palm trees, dazzling fences and strobe lighted lawns all feature in the incredible display synchronised to the song Eye 2 Eye Aly & Fila’s Vs Roger Shah. According to the organisers, the light show took a total of 200 hours of preparation time and another 150 hours to set up.

It has a peak power usage of 15,700 Watts and costs the organisers a total of $158 dollars (£100) for sequence.

This is not the first light show of this type by the Florida-based group set up by father and son team Chris and James Davis.

According to the group’s website, the pair first began creating smaller displays at the family’s second-home in Devon when they lived in the UK.

However, after the family moved from the south-west of England to Florida in 2003, the light shows became increasingly extravagant.

Despite over 35,000 bulbs being used this year, this has nothing on previous years.

In 2010 over 39,000 bulbs were used in for the eight minute display.

This was ‘outshone’ the year after, when a staggering 50,00o bulbs were used to light the show that lasted just under nine minutes.