Watch a cyclist's near-miss with a car in Australia

Video: The dramatic video comes just a few weeks after a cyclist was killed on the streets of Perth

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New video from Australia shows yet another example of the dangers of cycling and the everyday near-misses that happen far too regularly.

The footage was captured by a dashcam in Perth, Western Australia, and shows a cyclist crossing two lanes and then as he approaches the bus lane a white car zooms in front of him, with the cyclist hitting the brakes just in time. There is barely a whisker between them.

While the cyclist pauses and looks at the offending car, the driver in the vehicle drives on seemingly unaware of how close they came to causing a fatality.

Describing the incident, the person who shot the video wrote, "The red-coloured lane is a bus lane, however vehicles are allowed on it for up to 100 metres, as there is a left turning lane just a little further along. The cyclist must have thought that no vehicles were moving, but failed to check the third lane. The vehicle probably should have been more alert too."

The video comes just a few weeks since a 70-yearold woman was killed while cycling near Perth's Kings Park.