Watch Australian fisherman catch massive 13-foot tiger shark using only a line and a hook

Fisherman Brendan Hilder was fishing for salmon when he found the tiger shark on the end of his line

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A fisherman in Australia got a lot more than he bargained for when he caught a massive 13 foot tiger shark in waters in Western Australia.

Brendan Hilder from Albany, near Perth was out handline fishing for salmon on Shelley Beach when a tiger shark got itself hooked on the end of his line.

Handline fishing is the fishing technique where no rod is used and fish are caught with only a line and a hook.

This resulted in a two-hour battle between Hilder and the shark, which was captured in a series of videos posted onto YouTube on Monday.

The videos show Hilder slowly reeling the massive man-eater to shore as passers by watch on in amazement. The footage has so far proved a massive hit on YouTube, with the three videos collectively attracting over 350,000 viewers.

Speaking after the epic catch, Hilder told The Albany Advertiser that it was definitely the highlight of his time fishing.

He said: “A 4m shark has a fair bit of pull on it, I was absolutely knackered.“

He added: ”I had at least 200m of line out

“It burnt me out.

”I couldn't even hold my handle, I was that buggered.“