Baby saved from sweltering car

Reports suggest father may have left the baby in the stifling heat while he watched a football match

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A father is believed to have left his baby in a car during stifling heat while he reportedly watched a football game.

The baby was spotted by security staff at the Örjans vall arena in Halmstad, western Sweden, who smashed the car’s windows after deciding that the child was at risk of dehydration.

Guards found the baby perched on the back seat in the glaring sun, which has brought a bout of warm weather to Sweden over the Easter weekend.

Swedish police confirmed that the parents were under investigation for reckless endangerment, a crime which can carry a maximum penalty of two years in prison.

But ambulance crews determined that the child was not in need of hospital treatment.

It is still unclear why the baby was left in the vehicle. The Local, Sweden’s English language newspaper, cite reports that the father may have been at a nearby football game.

Local police said that the warm weather had led to a spike in the number of calls to police to save pets from warm cars

Jimmy Modin from Skåne police said: "It is always like that in April and May. It's very easy to not think about how hot it actually gets in a parked car”.