Baby saved from fall off two-storey building in China after amazing catch by local resident

The one-year-old slipped from a window during a thunder storm

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Tragedy was averted after a baby plunged from a two-storey window in China – and straight into the arms of a man standing on the street below.

The one-year-old fell from a window of the building in Guangdong Province during a thunderstorm, according to a vendor who lives in the opposite building.

It is believed the baby was looking for his mother when the accident occurred on Sunday in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City.

Footage shows Mr Li, a local resident, standing on the street below and holding out his arms after spotting the child’s perilous position.

Horrified onlookers stand by as Mr Li waits to catch the baby, while others place cardboard and a sofa on the ground in a bid to break the infant’s fall.

Fortunately, Mr Li manages to grasp the falling child safely in his arms, before relieved witnesses flock around the pair. And the brave rescuer said he did not think much of the incident at the time.

“It was just human instinct to save the child,” he said.