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Day 1: The Mating Game
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Fancy a weekend for two at the Paris Ritz with someone else picking up the tab and no

awkward questions asked? Well now's your chance. Today, tomorrow and on Monday,

we shall be posing a three-part quiz, with 12 questions each day. The entrant with the

highest number of correct answers overall will win the

weekend break, including flights, accommodation, breakfast and £200 expenses. Dates of travel subject to availability. The prize must be taken before 30 November 1995. In the event of a draw there will be a tie-break.

Can you match the photographs of these allegation-ridden politicians with the people, places and objects that have

got them into trouble? The pictures in the first row, numbered 1 to 6, should match up neatly if

sometimes extra-maritally, with those in the second row, labelled A to F.

All you have to do is work out which goes with which. So if, for example, you think that face 1 has been linked with person F, write "F" opposite the 1 in the answer form. When you have matched those successfully, proceed to the third row, MPs 7 to 12, and match them to pictures G to L in the fourth row. Again they should pair off.