Bodies found in mass graves

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Sarajevo (Reuter)- Investigators said yesterday that they had exhumed 105 bodies from two mass graves in north-west Bosnia. They are believed to be Muslims killed by Bosnian Serbs at the beginning of the war, state radio reported.

Bosnian investigators found 77 bodies at one site, which they believe to be those of men from the village of Velagici, near the town of Kljuc, killed on 1 June 1992, the radio said. Investigators are still working on a second site, a cave where 28 bodies were unearthed. They believe the cave contains the bodies of up to 150 civilians from Biljani, also near Kljuc.

In a separate development, United Nations investigators have found 200 bodies in a mass grave near Vukovar, Croatia. The victims are believed to be hospital patients executed after Serbs seized the region in 1991.

A spokesman for the UN transitional authority in Eastern Slavonia, a Serb-held enclave due to revert to Croatian government rule next year, said the bodies had been sent to Zagreb for forensic examination. Circumstantial evidence suggests they were killed by machine gun.