Boutros-Ghali wants SA to accept UN observers

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NEW YORK (Agencies) - Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the United Nations Secretary-General, recommended yesterday that about 30 UN observers should be stationed in South Africa to work in close association with the National Peace Secretariat. The recommendation was part of a report on ending violence in the country.

Meanwhile, a witness in South Africa has told a government-appointed inquiry into the Boipatong killings that a white man wearing a balaclava hacked open the head of a three-year old black girl with a machete during the massacre on 17 June. The man, wearing a khaki unifiorm and carrying a gun, lunged at Miriam Lekabe, who was holding the child, wounding her and critically injuring the child, according to Florence Molefe, the child's mother.

Her testimony completed the eerie picture drawn by other witnesses who have testified to seeing armed men, some of whom were white, being let out of camouflaged armoured vehicles of the type used by the South African security forces during the massacre.