Britons attacked by Israeli Arab

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Tel Aviv (AP) - An Israeli Arab man carrying a sword, a knife and a plastic gun tried to run over a group of British tourists in Tel Aviv yesterday, then got out of his car and stabbed two people having dinner, police said.

Police spokesman Linda Menuhin said that 11 people were lightly injured. Israel Radio said the two he stabbed were a mother and son of Toronto, Canada; seven people were hospitalised but were expected to be released soon.

Ms Menuhin said the man's motives remained unclear. He tried to run over a group of about 20 tourists in a plaza in the Jaffa quarter of Tel Aviv, injuring eight or nine. Then he stabbed the woman and her son, who were sitting at a sidewalk restaurant, before he was subdued by a passerby.

"The driver got out holding a sword and a commando knife and went towards the civilians and tried to stab a number and succeeded," said Daniel Konson, who arrested the man.

Mr Konson tied up the attacker and led him to a nearby police station, where the man told police he could not remember anything and was otherwise not co-operating with his questioners, Ms Menuhin said.

Israel Radio said that the man, identified as a 32-year-old from the northern city of Nazareth, was known to police as a Hamas supporter and was an activist in extremist organizations.

Earlier yesterday, a Palestinian woman, 32-year-old Jamalat Salim, stabbed and slightly wounded an Israeli border policeman near a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip. She was arrested by Palestinian police. The Israeli army said the policeman was treated at a regional medical centre.