Carey praises De Klerk's reforms

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CAPE TOWN (Reuter) - George Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, praised Archbishop Desmond Tutu yesterday for his opposition to apartheid but said

it was time for the world to reward President F W de Klerk's reforms. Mr de Klerk said after an hour-long meeting that it had been the prayers and not protests of Anglican clergymen that had helped him to repudiate 40 years of enforced racial segregation.

Dr Carey said the Church appreciated everything that Archbishop Tutu, winner of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize, had done to fight apartheid. The Church, he said, should maintain its pressure on political leaders.

Archbishop Tutu said after the meeting he would call for a lifting of sanctions when the government took effective action to halt violence and handed power to an interim or transitional government. The South African Council of Churches Secretary-General, Frank Chikane, on Wednesday, called for tougher sanctions.