Clinton calls for end to violence

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BILL CLINTON called for an end to sectarian violence against Serbs and other minorities in Kosovo by ethnic Albanians during a visit to the province yesterday.

Speaking in Urosevac, at the end of a 10-day trip to south-eastern Europe, the United States President appealed for tolerance and urged ethnic Albanians to cease attacks against Kosovo's rapidly dwindling Serb minority. "You can never forgive the injustice that was done to you. No one can force you to forgive what was done to you. But you can try," Mr Clinton said.

"I beg you who are parents to teach your children that life is more than the terrible things that are gone. It is how you react to them."

While he was cheered when he recounted the role played by the United States in the bombardment of Yugoslav forces, his audience was more subdued when he said: "We won the war, but listen: only you can win the peace. The time for fighting has passed."