Clinton favourites emerge

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WASHINGTON - Senator Albert Gore of Tennessee and Congressman Lee Hamilton of Indiana have emerged as the two clear favourites to be the vice-presidential running mate of Bill Clinton, the Democratic contender, this autumn, writes Rupert Cornwell.

Although Mr Clinton refuses to comment on what has been one of the best-kept secrets of his campaign, Mr Hamilton, 61, comfirmed last night that he had discussed the vice-presidency with Mr Clinton again yesterday, and had supplied health, financial and other records to the Clinton camp. Mr Hamilton's assets are an immaculate personal reputation and expertise in foreign policy. Mr Gore, 44, would bring both youth and experience to the ticket, having already run for the presidency in 1988. Both, however, are very much Washington insiders, in a year when the established order has rarely been less popular. Other names still being mentioned include Senators Bob Kerrey and Harris Wofford.