Clinton picks experience before charisma: Security Advisor

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ANTHONY LAKE, 53: Director of policy planning in the State Department, 1977-81, during Carter administration. Entered the diplomatic service in 1962 in Vietnam, serving President Kennedy. Was a strong supporter of US intervention against Communism worldwide, but resigned as assistant to Henry Kissinger when US invaded Cambodia in 1970. Since then, has emphasised practical over ideal-driven foreign policy. Foreign policy must be guided by the impact it may have on real people 'because if you don't you're going to make mistakes and you may end up killing people to no end'. Widely liked and considered a consummate straight-shooter devoid of the guile of many politicians, Mr Lake is a professor at Mount Holyoke College in Massachussetts and has a dairy farm. Was top foreign policy advisor to Bill Clinton during campaign, and widely credited with giving him plausible foreign policy credentials.