Clinton's appeal fails with Lewinsky

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FACING MORE than $10m (pounds 6.5m) in legal bills, President Bill Clinton has been knocking on a lot of doors to pay the costs of last year's sex- and-perjury scandal. But his fund-raisers have knocked on one door too many - that of Dr Bernard S Lewinsky, Monica's father.

Before returning the envelope to the President's Legal Expense Trust unopened, Dr Lewinsky wrote on it: "Return to Sender - You must be morons to send me this letter!"

One radio show described it as "the most idiotic piece of junk mail in history". Dr Lewinsky, a Beverly Hills oncologist, evidently got on to the mailing list because he is a registered Democrat. He also recently received a photograph of the Clintons with another fund-raising plea and the message: "Thank-you for your understanding during the last year."