Collor's call to the colours

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RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuter) - President Fernando Collor de Mello, clenched his fists on Thursday and loudly asked Brazilians to back him against those accusing him of corruption. Mr Collor, red-faced and bellowing in an impromptu speech, asked Brazilians to wear the green, yellow and blue of the country's flag tomorrow as a show of support for him.

He called on the nation to 'go out with some article of clothing in one of the colours of our flag, display in your windows, towels, cloths or whatever you have in the colours of the flag'. In that way, Brazil would see 'where the real majority was'. Mr Collor, who faces an attempt to impeach him in Congress later this month over charges of massive corruption, was speaking after a ceremony in his palace at which he announced easier credit for taxi drivers.