Facebook glitch leads to couple getting married six years later

'There are awful things in this world, but sometimes there’s beauty too'

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A couple who met after a Facebook glitch meant that a man found himself logged into someone else’s account have got married.

Schuler Benson posted the story to Imgur, recalling what happened after the error occurred six years ago.

Mr Benson wrote: “Six years ago today, a glitch in Facebook mobile logged me into the account of a woman I’d never met. We were married this past June.”

He explained that he went to log on to Facebook from his phone,but found himself already logged in to a woman called Celeste’s account after posting some status updates. She lived in Colorado and the pair had no mutual friends or groups in common. Mr Benson was unable to log out of the account, and found every time he went onto the site on his phone he was logged in to Celeste’s.

The first statues that Schuler Benson made when he found himself logged in to Celeste's account

He was only able to log out when Celeste sent him a friend request, and though she planned to delete him after a few days, the two found out they had a lot in common.

Celeste and Schuler spoke via statuses, as they tried to work out what happened

Mr Benson posted: “We became close friends online, and finally met in person in June of 2013. In the fall of 2013, she relocated from Colorado to live with me in Arkansas.”

The pair became engaged in 2014 when Mr Benson logged back into Celeste’s account, posted a photo of an engagement ring and asked her to marry him – just like they originally met.

Mr Benson proposed to Celeste via Facebook - which seemed fitting due to how they met

Schuler has posted a photo from his and Celeste’s wedding, captioning it: “I found my partner, my best friend, my great love via a simple glitch in social media. There are awful things in this world, but sometimes there’s beauty too. This is my beauty.”


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