Croatia clashes threaten talks

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GENEVA (Reuter) - Leaders from four former Yugoslav republics met yesterday to discuss peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but diplomats said the talks may be derailed by renewed fighting in Croatia. Dobrica Cosic, president of the rump Yugoslavia comprised of Serbia and Montenegro, said Croatia's assault on Serbian areas within its borders would have to stop if the negotiations were to make progress. But Lord Owen played down the risk that the talks would be sabotaged.

Fresh clashes erupted yesterday in Krajina, a Serb-held enclave of Croatia. Artillery duels were reported around the Zemunik airport near Zadar, and Croatian troops were firing laser- guided missiles at a nearby Serbian village, which was responding with artillery. The fighting began on Friday after Croatian troops stormed a UN- monitored neutral zone in Krajina and Serbs seized heavy weapons from UN depots to beat back the attack.