Deposed Emir blamed for Qatar 'conspiracy'

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Doha, Qatar (AP) - Authorities have arrested a number of foreign-backed "saboteurs" who tried to undermine the government, state- run media said yesterday.

The Qatar News Agency quoted the Prime Minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa al Thani, as telling an emergency Cabinet meeting that police had "aborted" a "low conspiracy" aimed at undermining security.

There was a palace coup in Qatar last year when the Emir, Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad al Thani, was overthrown by his son, Sheikh Hamad. The deposed Emir has been touring Arab countries to win support for a return to power and said in the United Arab Emirates yesterday that he planned to return "very soon".

t Manama - Bahrain police arrested at least 20 suspected dissidents in the Shia Muslim village of Bani Jamrah outside Manama,yesterday, AP reports.

Officers chased suspects before taking them away in a bus, according to residents. Shias had gathered at graves of relatives killed during earlier clashes.