A wing and a prayer: Homemade contraptions try to fly at Red Bull Flugtag 2013 in Moscow


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All manner of homemade flying contraptions attempted to fall the furthest at the Red Bull Flutag event in Moscow over the weekend.

From giant sheep to tin cans, there was a creative array of flying machines taking part in the competition. People came from far and wide for the event which involves teams building a flying machine and launching it from a platform.

The winning machine is judged on how creative its design is, how far it flies and a pre-launch performance from the team. The event in Moscow is the third in a series of contests which will be running from now until November in different locations.

The Flugtag - German for 'flight day' - began in 1992 and has been attracting thousands of people across the world ever since.

A participant attempts to control his craft during the Red Bull Flugtag


A member of Global Point team attempts to control his craft


A pilot falls into the Moskva river on his flying machine


A participant from the Crazy Cucumber team


A pilot falling into the Moskva river on his flying machine

A team member pilot on his carrot-shaped flying machine

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