Actress tries to do the splits on live TV but it was a really bad idea

The performer could be seen bent over in agony after descending onto the floor

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An actress fell flat on her face – literally – when she attempted to perform the splits in an excruciating live television broadcast.

Italian singer and actress Lisa Fusco, who also goes by the name of Subrettina, looked confident as she got into position to perform the move when she appeared on the MezzoGiorno Italiano talk show.

Showing no hesitation as she got ready to fall into the gymnastic position – which involves a person extending their legs horizontally in opposite directions – the actress could be seen bent over in agony after descending onto the floor.


The show’s presenter and resident chef rushed over to comfort Ms Fusco, with the broadcast ending earlier than scheduled.

And it seems the stunt was just as uncomfortable to endure as it was to watch.

Ms Fusco reportedly broke her arm in the process, saying on Twitter that she spent a “hellish night” with her arm in a plaster.

A seasoned splits performer, the actress usually has no problem displaying the move, having showcased her prowess in the field on social media on several previous occasions.