Archaeologists unearth 250-year-old pretzels

... And not much has changed during that time

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Archaeologists have unearthed pretzels from a dig in the German city of Regensburg they believe could be up to 300-years-old.

The pretzel fragments discovered at the Danube in the German city of Regensburg were notably similar to the snacks enjoyed across the world today.

Dorothee Ott, spokeswoman for the Bavarian Office for Historical Conservation, said they were likely discarded for being so badly burned, which helped them survive for centuries.

"It's a normal pretzel,” she added, “maybe a little smaller than today”.

Archaeologists believe they date back between 1700 and 1800.

The pretzel fragments were put on display this week at the Regensburg Historical Museum.

Additional reporting by The Associated Press.