Army 'in control' of breakaway Bosnian region

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SARAJEVO - The head of the Muslim-led Bosnian army, General Rasim Delic, yesterday said the army was in control of a breakaway Muslim region in north-west Bosnia, writes Marcus Tanner.

General Delic said army units loyal to President Alija Izetbegovic held the largest part of the Muslim- held Bihac enclave in north-west Bosnia, where a political rival to Mr Izetbegovic, Fikret Abdic, has proclaimed an autonomous region. Soldiers were said to have shot at the ground in front of civilians to drive them from the town of Cazin.

Two British charity workers were killed and another was seriously injured in Croatia early yesterday, PA reports. The Edinburgh-based charity, Scottish European Aid, said an out-of-control vehicle ploughed into the workers in the city of Split.

Those who died were Nan Owen, 41, a lawyer from Norwich, and Matthew Stogden, 43, an engineering geologist from Dorset. Mike Mackenzie, 45, from Fife, the charity's director of operations in Bosnia, was in a critical condition in hospital after having his left leg amputated.