Ashya King: Five-year-old arrives in Prague for proton beam therapy treatment

Will start proton beam therapy treatment now he has arrived in Prage

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Five-year-old brain tumour patient Ashya King has arrived in Prague, having left hospital in Spain, where he will receive proton therapy treatment.

Photos show the five-year-old arriving at the Motol hospital in Prague with his family.

Doctors at the clinic in Prague met this morning to discuss his treatment.

Southern Malaga's Children's and Maternity Hospital said late yesterday that its medical directors had met with five-year-old Ashya’s parents and had agreed the transfer could begin "in the next few hours."

Footage from earlier today at the Materno Infantil hospital in Malaga showed the boy's father Brett standing next to an ambulance.

Ashya with his mother in Prague

Ashya was removed from Southampton General Hospital on 28 August by his parents, Brett and Naghmeh King, against doctors’ advice following a disagreement over his treatment.


The Kings took Ashya, along with his six siblings, to Spain sparking an international manhunt.

They were arrested in Spain on Saturday but were released four days later after British prosecutors withdrew an international arrest warrant.

Since then, the British High Court granted the Kings’ permission to pursue the treatment, provided they could cover the cost and started soon.

Kids’n’Cancer, a charity which raises money to pay for children to have treatment, set up an online page after hearing about the family’s situation and says they have been inundated with donations.

Four days ago, the Telegraph reported the Kings had accepted a mystery donor’s offer to fund Ashya’s proton beam therapy.

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