Biology teacher accused of killing rabbits in front of pupils in Austrian school

Reports say the teacher is known for his 'unorthodox teaching methods', but he denies the rabbits were killed in front of students

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A teacher in Austria has been accused of killing and dissecting two rabbits in a biology class, leaving his pupils crying and prompting complaints from parents.

The teacher apparently brought a rabbit into class at the Gymnasium Horn secondary school in Horn, Lower Austria and killed it in front of pupils using a captive bolt stun gun.

He then dissected the rabbit and did the same again for another class the following day, according to the Telegraph.

When students requested to buy the rabbit off him, the teacher reportedly said "I'll be eating that this evening."

A report by United Press International said that disapproval from parents had prompted the local school board to investigate.

But the teacher has assured school authorities that no pupils were present when he killed the rabbits, according to a report in Niederösterreichischen Nachrichten newspaper.

The Austrian Heute newspaper quoted Hermann Helm, a school inspector, as saying the teacher was known for his "unorthodox teaching methods" and had now received a warning.