Blair says UK will join 'appropriate' reprisals

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Tony Blair and French President Jacques Chirac have said that their two countries would be involved in a reprisal to the terror attacks in the United States, as long as that reprisal is "appropriate and effective."

The leaders spoke to reporters after a breakfast meeting at the presidential Elysee Palace in Paris. Blair had visited Germany on Wednesday and was to head to the United States later on Thursday.

Mr Blair said that the exact nature of the response was still under discussion, but that "those that can assist should do so.

"That we must take action against those responsible for this terrible act is plain and certain," the British leader said.

Chirac said: "When the United States reaches a decision, and after discussion and consultations with us, I can't see how France and Britain wouldn't be involved if the response is appropriate and effective."

Mr Blair has also held a 15-minute mid-air satellite phone conversation with Iranian President Mohammed Khatami during which the president pledged his support for the international coalition.