Blockade monitor heads for rump Yugoslavia

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SARAJEVO (Reuter) - Serbia has agreed in principle to international monitoring of its blockade of Bosnian Serbs in a first step towards the easing of UN sanctions on rump Yugoslavia. The head of the monitor mission, former Swedish General Bo Pellnas, said before leaving for Belgrade that he would agree details of a brief for the 135-man civilian team with Yugoslav authorities.

Gen Pellnas will report his team's findings to the Geneva-based International Conference on Former Yugoslavia (ICFY) which expects to make a recommendation within weeks on the future of sanctions. The monitors will work under the supervision of Yugoslav police and customs officials.

The Russian Foreign Minister, Andrei Kozyrev, accused Western governments of dragging their feet over easing sanctions on rump Yugoslavia. 'It is clearly an unjustified delay,' Mr Kozyrev told reporters.