Breathtaking selfies show the Netherlands F-16 Demo Team escorting a passenger plane

The photos show the pilots sit back over blues skies while they flank the Netherlands' first commercial airliner

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Since 'selfie' became the word of 2013, the internet has been plagued with cringe-worthy photos including people grinning next to corpses, or being kicked in the face - but once in a while a truly impressive selfie is taken.

The latest set of noteworthy selfies to appear online come courtesy of the Royal Netherland’s Air Force’s F-16 demo team.

The pilots used GoPro cameras which appear to have been mounted inside their jet cockpits to take the stunning photos while they escorted the Netherlands’ first commercial Dreamliner Arkefly aircraft.

Soaring above the clouds, the pilots in the serene-looking photos are shown gazing towards the airliner with just a pane of glass and their safety gear separating them from the sky and the blazing sunshine. 

On their Facebook page, the team has also displayed more stomach-churning selfies in which pilots are seen making vertical manoeuvres in their jets. One such photos sees a pilot mid-pivot above an enormous lake.

Unlike some other display teams, pilots in the F16 Demo team are working personnel in the Netherlands Air Force. The group consists of one display pilot, Captain Jeroen “Slick” Dickens, four display coaches, eight technical specialists and a webmaster, according to website The Aviationist.