British man jailed for eight years in Oslo after stabbing neighbour in home renovation dispute

The British man stabbed his neighbour several times in the chest, arms and neck

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A British man has been sentenced to eight years in a Norwegian prison for the attempted murder of a neighbour in a dispute over home renovation in the Oslo borough of Bjerke. 

The 48-year-old stabbed his neighbour several times in the chest, arms and neck before his dog, a Rottweiler, bit the man in the face while he lay bleeding on the floor, according to the ruling of the Court of Appeals.

The victim was working frantically to complete home renovations before his wife gave birth and so was working in the evenings and on the weekends, Osloby reported.

He had already visited his neighbours to explain the situation and apologise in advance for any noise disturbances, however the British man was not at home at the time. 

The British man went over to the victim's house to complain one Wednesday evening in July 2014, when the victim said he would finish within the next 90 minutes.

The following Sunday, the British man returned to the victim's house to complain about the noise, saying "You f**king Norwegian, it's Sunday" before spitting in his face. 

The expectant father, who is reported to be Albanian, was surprised and allegedly threw his folding ruler at the British man, who said: "You will see what I'm going to do to you."

According to The Local, when the Albanian man suggested they go inside so as not to disturb their neighbours, the British man agreed - on the condition the Albanian would come to his house.

Once the victim entered the man's house, the British man locked the door and pulled out a knife. He then reportedly reopened the door, yelled that he was being attacked, and locked it again.

He stabbed the expectant father repeatedly until he fell to the floor. His Rottweiler then bit the man in the face.

The British man then placed the knife in the victim's hand and tried to claim self defence when police arrived. 

The court's ruling read: “The offence was very serious. If the aggrieved party had not received prompt and expert medical care at hospital, he would have died.

"The defendant acted with the intent to kill and the action was unprovoked."

The British man will spend a minimum of five years and four months in prison. 

He was also convicted for a separate incident in which he beat his boss with a broomstick and kicked him as he was lying down, while threatening to kill his family.